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  Breed My Ass
Breed My Ass

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Dvd Code: 4728
Studio: Raw Joxxx
Director: Tyler Reed
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC


Breed My Ass is all about the fucking. No foreplay, no oral, no kissing - just all bareback ass fucking! As the first scene opens, Tyler Reed's bare cock is already fucking Alex Rico's butt. There are some great shots of Tyler's cock pistoning in and out of Alex's beefy butt untl Tyler blows his wad deep inside Alex. Next up is Chase Roberts fucking Rich Wrangler's ass. Both men are smooth and lean, and what's really outstanding about this scene is Rich, a big-built stud who's literally begging for Chase's load. Chase unloads deep in Rich's hole, and then felches out his load! Cutie Dominik Rider is lying on his stomach in bed when Tyler Reed walks in and mounts his ready ass. After Tyler cums inside Dominik, the camera focuses on Dominik's hole which is oozing out Tyler's thick load. Andre Barclay's bare cock is already pistoning in and out of JD Lopez who is clad in a black jockstrap while getting fucked missionary. The guys switch positions a few times, but what's awesome is that when Andre cums while still in JD's ass, you can see his cock twitching with each spurt of cum! Sage Daniels is on standby, and with JD's hole loaded full of cum, Sage plunges his own cock in there, creating one cummy hole. Watch as hairy hung top Marques Maddox fucks Orion Cross until he dumps his load onto and inside of Orion. Dominick Rider is back for more and this time he's paired with Tyler. There's actually some cocksucking and rimming here, with Dominick doing the servicing before he gets his ass fucked. Dominick's musclebod looks awesome getting fucked before Tyler pumps him full of cum. As the last scene opens, Tyler is plowing Dean Morales' amazingbutt, and the camera zooms in to give some great shots of the pistoning action before Tyler pulls out to cum onto Dean's butt and he leaves a nice thick creamy load on Dean's freshly-fucked hole. Breed My Ass is all about the pump-and-dump. Cast: Dominik Rider, Orion Cross, Jherrad Lopez, Rich Wrangler, Chase Roberts, Alex Rico, Andre Barclay, Sage Daniels, Marques Maddox, Dean Morales, Kurt Reed, Xander Cruise, Caleb Lucas, Tyler Reed

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