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  Daddy Darby's Spanked Twinks
Daddy Darby's Spanked Twinks

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Dvd Code: 0499
Studio: Daddy Darby
Director: Andrew Chambers
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL


Ever wanted to spank the waiter at your local restaurant? Well, that is just what happens when Daddy Darby is in town. Daddy is enjoying his meal when young Paul accidentally spills some food over him. Complaining to the manager, the table is cleared and the restaurant manager bends young Paul and another waiter, CJ, over Daddy's table and spanks their arses. Daddy is invited to partake and takes his turn in spanking the young waiters, turning their peachy butts a deep shade of painful red. Back in the restaurant, CJ is feeling horny and Mikale is only too happy to relieve the pressure. He drops to his knees and takes CJ's hot young cock into his mouth, blowing him with relish. The two climb onto a table and CJ throws his prick into a very willing Mikale, banging his arse for a bit until they swop positions and CJ becomes the bottom. The manager catches them just as they unload warm spunk into each other's faces. As a restaurant is no place for that type of shenanigans, he marches them into the kitchen, bends them both bare-arsed over the fridge, and spanks them hard. By the end of their punishment, both lads have red raw arses and swear they will never shag in the restaurant again. After a hard day at work, Daddy finds that the locker room boy hasn't been doing his job, so Daddy sees to it that young John be taught a painful lesson! Daddy spanks and lashes John's young arse, turning it crimson with every slap and also decides to give him some severe nipple and cock abuse as well. Back in the restaurant CJ has obviously forgotten the chastisement he received earlier as he imbibes Paul's hard member. He sucks and slurps with gusto before bending over the table and letting Paul shove his cock into his tight anus. Paul shafts CJ and pounds his arse before unloading his cream over his smooth body. The spanking action is hard and heavy as hot twinks are chastised until their arses are red raw! A sure-fire hot seller! Cast: Jonny Hall, Daddy Darby, CJ Jacks, Paul Shayne, Mikale Bradshaw, John Gadsby

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